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From our Christmas Tour!

‘Twas the start of the bus tour, to spread Christmas cheer
There was hustling and bustling, the whole group was here.
There were keyboards and costumes and merchandise stacked,
And each of the members a suitcase had packed.

The singers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Grammys danced all through their heads.
With Doug in the top bunk and Kenny below,
The bus started out toward the next Christmas show.

When back in his cabin there arose such a clatter,
I found Donovan practicing some new concert patter.
The lines were so funny I laughed ‘til I cried,
And when Jerry joined in, they heard us outside!

The bus traveled onward, expectations were big,
The whole group was nervous for the next Christmas gig.
Then just as the bus driver crossed the state line,
An elf stood before me with a Bottle of Wine!

“Oh Kenny, Oh Jerry, Oh Donovan too,
Now Bobby and Doug, get Bruce from the loo…!
It’s time for a story from Christmas shows past…”
And I thought to myself “I best get a drink fast.”

He told us of Campeau & Saber, the like
Of Dowler and Engemann, Pike, Pike and Pike
The stories were endless, the bottles ran dry,
as the moon traveled over the cold winter sky.

His eyes – how they twinkled, his hair shown so white
He could have told stories the rest of the night,
The tales were woven with threads of pure gold
And though we had heard them, they never grew old.

The stories drew laughter with each passing line,
Enhanced with each glass of Tony’s fine wine.
A wink of his eye and as twist of his head
Soon gave me to know I would not see my bed!

His deep seeded love of the The Lettermen lore
Made each in the group want to hear him tell more.

But knowing we “youngsters” would all need some rest
He thought that some rack time would suit the group best.
He sprang to his feet, to the band he gave smiles,
The bus had now traveled some 500 miles,

And I heard him exclaim as he climbed in his berth,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all Peace on Earth.”

Dreams of Bobby Poynton
From The Lettermen Christmas Tour Bus


The Lettermen Society Convention

The 30th Annual Celebration In Fort Wayne

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, The Lettermen, their friends and fans, celebrated fifty years of making musical memories and thirty consecutive conventions of The Lettermen Society.

The fifty-six people who attended from the states of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin were able to enjoy a delicious lunch at Champions Sports Bar & Grill with The Lettermen. Everyone was re-introduced to Bobby Poynton as a member of The Lettermen and amusing stories and past experiences were shared as Tony, Donovan & Bobby mingled with their guests.


That evening found everyone at an outdoor Lettermen concert at the lovely Foellinger Theatre. The unseasonably cool weather did not seem to bother anyone. They just got to cuddle up a little closer to their special someone and enjoy those beautiful Lettermen love songs.

Everyone then gathered at Club Soda in downtown Fort Wayne after the show. The Lettermen signed autographs, took photos and celebrated with a cake presented to them by some friends and fans acknowledging their 50 years of music. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Ken Young in gratitude for time devoted to being an "Official Promoter of The Lettermen" and to sisters Judy Cramer and Patty Schreiber in recognition of their leadership and service provided in past years to The Lettermen International Fan Club.

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Allison Park, PA 15101

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