These men never forget those who have served on our behalf. They include them in every performance they have. It might be a better world if all performers did the same. Thank You guys for your talents.

– Mary Ann J


I could watch a Lettermen Concert every single night! All I can do is smile and sing along…..some of my fondest memories have been at Lettermen Concerts with my closest friends and family.

– Marsha Auer Whisman


This is the best show in Branson. Felt like we got our money’s worth. Love to get to see it again this yr.

– Edna Henson Gartman


Thank you for the amazing show last night. Rolando and I have seen your performances twice before and it’s incredible as always. Alexis and Belle had a blast and had so many wonderful things to say about each of your individual talents. They’ve already asked us if we could watch your show in Las Vegas next year.

We’ll see you in Vegas, sincerely Bebita.

– Chanele Caasi


Awesome show. It was worth the two hour drive. Was the only group my parents let me listen to…Was my first vinyl I ever had and now is still my favorite music. So glad my mother and I could share this today and it’s wonderful that she and I get to share the quality of music and the wonderful memories.

She is like a teenager again at The Lettermen shows. Thank you gentlemen for quality and joy.

Keep doing what you’re doing you’re awesome.

– Denise Harrell Monroe


Was at your evening concert last nite (5-20-17) it was totally awesome…..Donovan & Bobby have the most powerful voices, gave me chills. The only problem……The time went too fast. Thank you for an awe inspiring event. God bless you & your families always.

– Eileen Wahl Lacey


Enjoyed another great evening with the Lettermen. First time my husband and I saw you was 48 years ago this month in Morgantown WV. It was our first concert together. Lots of good memories. Thank you for a great evening.

– Bev Kelbaugh


I attended today’s performance and what a show it was! I was lost in the beautiful harmonies, the soft romantic sounds of The Lettermen that soothed the soul and lifted the hearts in joy. There has never been a blending of voices as pure and as wonderful as this trio. Having such a love and appreciation for their music for the last 56 years it was such a thrill to meet them in person. Embarrassed to say my hands were shaking and i was tripping all over my words. I have been around celebrities countless times over the years and never was i at a loss for words, but this was The Letterman, the music that i have been listening to and loving forever. Their music is timeless, their vocals are melodic but their sincere warm and friendly appreciation for their fans was heartfelt. I so wanted to tell Donovan his Daddy’s Girl made me cry and he did a better Sammy Davis Jr. than Sammy himself! Bobby’s, I’m Already There was so deeply touching and his falsetto is off the charts! Tony who’s talent, energy and love for fans sets the bar so high that very few if any entertainers can match. Thank you for bringing such joy to my life throughout the years with your music

– Sherrie Rita Popp Krann


I was an engineering student at Bradley University (Peoria, IL) back in ’64-’68, and my part-time job was working in Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse for all the events. I was used to working with roadies from various groups in setting up for the performers, and I often got to sit backstage during the performances.

The Lettermen were due to perform one evening, and I got to work with their great crew most of the day. Three guys in their crew were really friendly and had lots of questions about the Peoria crowd, and I offered my opinions. They suggested that I might like to sit in the wing of the stage and enjoy the performance that night.

And…that night, the three “roadies” that I worked with all day got onstage and began to bring the house down. I’d been working and talking to The Lettermen all day and didn’t realize it! I’ve never had greater respect for any performers I had ever met. And they totally owned the hard-to-please Peoria crowd!

– Don Homola


Your beautiful harmony was one of the highlights of our trip to Branson…Tony and I sang with your CD most of the way home to Broken Arrow, OK (with a little BeachBoys mixed in!)…it was a genuine pleasure to meet all three of you fine men and we wish you a most blessed Christmas and New Year…filled with the blessings of God…good health, great prosperity, and the love of Family , and BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!! Happiest Early Birthday to Tony Butala…another great reason to be thankful!! Hope to see you all again one day soon.

-Tony and Marcia Beth Lightsey


Thank you for the most precious gift of all–the gift of yourselves. Thank you for continuing to favor All of us with “live shows”, foregoing your Holidays, traveling and being away from your homes to bring joy and happiness to everyone else. Happy Holidays to the Lettermen. God bless you all.

– Amanda Floyd


When I attend a Lettermen concert, I smile from the beginning of their first song and continue smiling until the end of their last. I love the Lettermen and every concert is like attending for the first time!!

– Marsha Auer Whisman


Saw them Oct. 6th and they are absolutely marvelous. Their harmony is so soothing to one’s mind and heart. And their generosity in having whomever would like to have a picture taken with them is thoughtful and appreciated. Loved every minute.

– Elaine Wootos Majka


In Branson with my husband (he introduced himself to Tony after the show) and saw you live – first time in my 70 yrs on the planet. Wanted to thank you for saving my life in 1967 – the specific line “And I thank God I’m alive,” – was first thing I heard coming out of major surgery – was not responding well to efforts to bring me out of recovery till someone turned on your tunes – so seeing you live makes me believe I can now live to 100+! You are so professional yet personal & I love how you interact with your audience – thank you for your contribution to helping the species evolve to the next highest level – we’ll be back to see you again.

– Peg & Doug MacKay


Really enjoyed the show in Branson. You all are amazing! You brought back memories of our youth. When did we get so old? I will say your voices sure don’t show your ages!!! Loved seeing you and will return for your Christmas show at the Andy Williams Theater. God bless!

– Candy Thomason


“Grew up hearing them, but this was my first time to see the Lettermen live. What a great show, and what amazing voices! My late dad was the vocal group session leader for radio jingles that came out of Dallas in the ’60s-’80s, so I grew up around some of the best, most exacting harmony singers in the world. It was like being a kid again to hear such perfect and precise harmonies!”

– Laura Ainsworth, Grand Prairie, TX


“We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming The Lettermen and crew into our house, the Uptown Theater, Grand Prairie yesterday. What an absolute pleasure! Extraordinary talent, showmen and human beings…perfect from the moment they hit Texas dirt…they will be coming back next year…keep making memories boys.”

– Douglas L. Voet, General Manager, Uptown Theater, Grand Prairie, TX


“What a great afternoon. Two Hours+ of music topped with “Proud to be an American” followed by “I believe.” All this after favorite from days gone by. And all without any mud-slinging nor accusations of lies and corruptions. Thank you, gentlemen.”

– Douglas L. Johnson


“My favorite trio of all time!! At one time, I had all their albums but then decided I wanted to share their music with others. Some albums made it back, some didn’t. My first club experience was seeing The Letterman in 1967 and them announcing why I was there! Well you had to be over 21!! Thanks for all the beautiful music!”

– Claudia Erlenbach


“Thank you to the Lettermen for giving such a WONDERFUL show!! I was privileged to be your opening act and to shake your hand as well as Yakov Smirnoff! I loved the song, “I Think I’m Going Out of My Head!” growing up. What a PRIVILEGE to meet you all!”

– Gina Graham


“I can remember at 12 years of age playing The Lettermen LPs. Even now, their voices and songs are unforgettable! Their singing in close harmony is out of this world!! This afternoon I got to see them perform again. Tony Butala, Bobby Poynton and Donovan Tea were awesome! They have sung so many great songs and it is hard to select just a few songs but my favourites are ‘Till’ and ‘Where or When’. They were all gracious enough to sign autographs and allow fans to have their pics taken with them. Thanks for the great performance and meeting with your fans.”

– Cheri Diamond


“Have loved their music for more than half of a century–records, tapes, CDs , now “you tube” & however Amazon places music on devices–all wonderful BUT seeing them in person–is pure magic–we were fortunate enough to see them this Christmas season–such a happy, joyful performance–somehow my friends & I became giggling teen-agers all over again-I floated for a month just remembering the evening –AND that Tony is ageless –more handsome every year–so go if you can–no matter the weather or your health –just go you will not be disappointed”

– Kaydblue Minnier


“Dear Santa, for Christmas I would LOVE to go to a Lettermen Christmas Concert! It’s an amazing show. For two hours, you go into your own little world and sit back and enjoy beautiful music!”

– Marsha Auer Whisman


“A Great Christmas show, we saw the show last week and wish we were still there, The Lettermen are the best.”

– Janelle Knight


“Thoroughly enjoyed this show.  What a trip down memory lane this evening was.  Thanks guys.  You are Awesome!!!”

– Joyce Volkman


“One of the best shows I’ve seen in Branson”

– Ann Cook


“Once again, The Letterman gave everyone a wonderful evening this past Thursday at The Andy Williams Theater in Branson!  We were there with our son and we totally enjoyed our evening.  We have seen them three times last year and enjoyed every show. The Letterman put such warmth into each performance which makes the audience feel special if only for an evening.  The way they take the time to meet their audience after the show is very thoughtful.  Most entertainers do not do this and if they do come out to meet and take pictures they seem rushed and impersonal.  This can not be said of The Lettermen.  They take the time to be very pleasant to their audience which means a lot.  The pictures we were able to take let’s us bring home many memories of a wonderful evening!  Also, the CD’s we purchased gives us the opportunity to listen to them at home and helps reminds us of our evening with The Lettermen.  We hope they continue to perform for many years.  We are hoping to see them again in the future.”

– Judy Resch


“I will say this once again…in all the concerts my wife and I have been to over the last 50 years no band or single entertainer has ever been as professional and personable as the Letterman….Every song as if it is the first time ever, every handshake, every hello and every smile is genuine….we have seen them in theaters indoor and outdoor, in high schools and Masonic Temples, in convention centers and in arena’s and nothing ever changes…even years ago in the pouring rain outdoors in Chesaning, Mich they came out to the crowd to sing and shake hands and there was no cover over our heads….thx again to Tony and all the guys who have performed as Lettermen…”

– Bill Kaferle


“My hubby & I went to The Lettermen concert in Canyonville last night. I have always liked The Lettermen, though the range of that “like” throughout different periods of my life has ranged from mere “tolerance” to “yeah, okay.” I have to be honest and say I was never really a super duper head-over-heels fan like some people were. But I have to tell you last night was absolutely positively without-a-doubt wonderful! Their harmonies were expert – still so strong & wonderful – and it was apparent their hearts were fully into the music they did. It was such a wonderful experience to feel my soul relax & my heart fill with joy as they sang such pure and simple songs throughout the evening. Such a much-needed respite from the outside world! As they closed with “Proud To Be An American” and “I Believe,” every person there stood, one-by-one, and the room was filled with hope & pride. My guess is that there was not a dry eye in the house, though I can’t say that for certain as my vision was distorted by my own tears. Thanks, guys, for a wonderful evening filled with love, hope, and lots of smiles! You’ve made a fan out of me”

– Jane Tedeschi Thorburn


The  Lettermen  Ham  It  Up  With  Fans  In  Sold  Out  Shows  At  Savannah Center